Bikini Prep: the middle.

It’s been a hot minute since I have posted about how my bikini prep journey. Currently I am just under 7 weeks out! Where did time go? Seriously! I cannot believe I have been prepping for 8 weeks!

8 weeks ago I weighed in at 142.8lbs! My waist measurement was 27 3/4in & my hips were 34in.

Today I weighed in at 132.8lbs with a waist measurement of 24 1/2in & hips at 29in.

I’ve lost a total of 10lbs + 5in of my hips and 3 1/4in off my waist!

Shoutout to my girl @ohh_lkellyy (blog: for reminding me of how awesome GIFs are!
Shoutout to my girl @ohh_lkellyy (blog: for reminding me of how awesome GIFs are!

To give you an idea of my caloric intake, here is where I started: Please note that these macros are calculated for me based on my body, my exercise program, my day-to-day routine, and my maintenance macros, etc. Do not use these for you, as they will not yield the same results.

Normal Days (P: 155 grams, C: 171 grams, F: 49 grams)

High Carb/Re-Feed Day (P: 155 grams, C: 279 grams, F: 49 grams)

Rest Days (P: 155 grams, C: 137 grams, F: 49 grams)

Currently my macros are:

Normal Days (P: 155 grams, C: 141 grams, F: 42 grams)

High Carb/Re-Feed Day (P: 155 grams, C: 219 grams, F: 42 grams)

Rest Days (P: 155 grams, C: 117 grams, F: 42 grams)

As you can see, I have had amazing results with slow & steady macro decreases! Some weeks I do not have to make adjustments at all!

Currently, I do one 20min low intensity cardio session a week. This is my first week with this addition. I added it on this morning and ran on the treadmill for 20min at a 5.0mph pace. I also do 3 HIIT sessions a week consisting of 7 sprint intervals. Typically I do 2 sessions on the treadmill and 1 on the stair-master. Personally I like how I feel after cardio, so I like incorporating these sessions in! When it gets increased, it does not phase me one bit!

Posing practice at 8 weeks out!
Posing practice at 8 weeks out!

Posing is my weakness! I feel anything but natural trying to arch my butt & back while trying to strut gracefully and flirty. Transitions are a nightmare…and I tend to have a resting bitch face instead of cute and inviting smile! But, with practice I will master these…I hope!!!

Back pose! Check-in at 7.5 weeks out!
Back pose! Check-in at 7.5 weeks out!

To say prep has been a breeze would be a lie. There are good days & there are bad days. I have certainly questioned my strength mentally & physically the past 8 weeks.

The hardest part was definitely when I traveled for a week to San Antonio, TX for work. I tried my absolute best to plan ahead. I packed protein powder, oatmeal, bars, etc. I even had meals delivered to my hotel from Icon Meals. But, being out of my element was tough. I was in a hotel gym, waking up earlier & staying up later (seeing that I was the meeting planner for this company wide event). I ended up finishing my meals most days way too early forcing me to fast in the afternoon & evenings. I attended events & dinners, unable to eat even though as a flexible dieter I have the ability to fit a meal at a restaurant in, I just plain & simple did not have any calories left. I was miserable.

I wasn’t perfect on this trip, however I did my best. I hit my macros perfect almost everyday! And, did what I could with my workouts. And, most importantly I did not quit!!!! Getting through that week reminded me what I am capable of. It is important to not give up when it gets tough.

Even though I have come so close to throwing in the towel, I have invested too much time, money & effort to simply quit now. I have just under 7 weeks to master posing & work my body to its best ever physique!

I look forward to sharing my results with you all!

In case you’re curious:

My suit is being designed by the beautiful Krista Haynes:

My competition jewelry is from Glam Competition Jewelry.

My heels were customized by The Shoe Fairy.

My hair & makeup on stage day is being done by Kelli Stephenson, KIS Hair & Makeup.

My competition is the NPC Southern on April 30, 2016 in Colorado Springs, CO.



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