Bikini Prep: we’re almost there.

The countdown is on. 15 days. I cannot believe I am saying that. Honestly, is this even real? Am I really going to be stepping on a stage…in an itty bitty bikini in front of not only judges but a large crowd? To be frank, it probably will not hit me until after.

This prep has been a rollercoaster ride to say the least. Can anyone really say prepping for a bikini competition is easy? I’d like to meet that person because it has been far from easy. Sure, there are days when it does not phase me that I am dieting or that my workouts are tough. But, the days you feel weak, defeated, unprepared and ready to quit are the hardest days of them all. And, there are more of those than you think.

Thankfully, I was lucky enough to prep along one of the best coaches, Jessi Jean, of So.Boss. My prep was done through flexible dieting, as most of you know by now. As of now I still have not dropped below 100g of carbs. Which from what I hear from other competitors ain’t bad!

I know as peak week approaches this will change. However, I am currently carb cycling. It goes like this: Moderate, Low, High (repeat)…if I have a rest day I automatically switch to low carb and pick back up where I left out. It really isn’t as confusing as it sounds. And, I admit I caved and purchased the premium version of MyFitnessPal so that I could have set goals of macronutrients on different days. This saves me from a mental brain fart and accidently getting out of order, etc.

Here are some updated pictures:

My lowest weigh-in is currently: 130.4lbs and we all know as stage day approaches that will dropping!

Side story: Recently, my weight was not budging. Honestly, it was moving upwards a bit. It freaking me out that I was not going to be stage ready and frustrating me to know that I was increasing my cardio and decreasing my calories, yet I wasn’t seeing the progress I wanted. Then, one day, at Starbucks the cashier told asked me if I wanted the classic sweetener in my iced coffee. I politely said no, why would I when I ordered a sugar free drink? He then proceeded to tell me most baristas put in the classic sweetener NO MATTER WHAT! All I could think to myself was WHAT THE HELL! HOW MANY CALORIES HAVE I BEEN DRINKING! To my surprise, a venti iced coffee from Starbucks has 30g of carbs. Pure sugar carbs. Now the other barista said she wouldn’t assume I wanted the sweetener but others might. So I could have potentially been over my macros 30g of carbs every day for about 2 weeks. Now…is this 100% certain? Who knows. It threw me into a whirlwind of emotions. Had I sabotaged my efforts and my best package for the stage? Should or could I quit!? How could this happen after I had worked so hard. My anxiety was the worst it had ever been and I had a full blown panic attack. But, after messaging my coach I realized that I was still on track for where I needed to be. The drinks had been consumed and there was nothing I could do but move on. Oddly enough, I decided to forgo Starbucks until post show…just in case 😉 and now my weight has dropped to lowest it has been all prep. Coincidence? We will never know! But for all of you Starbucks lovers out there on prep, if you order an iced coffee, you better make sure to say an ‘unsweetened iced coffee!’

Am I ready for the stage? To be honest, I do not know!

Here are things I am ready for:

  1. I booked 2 photoshoots for the weekend before (still need outfits)!
  2. I have my tan booked.
  3. I paid for my NPC card and paid for the entry fee for the actual show. I will be competing in First Time Novice, Novice and Open.
  4. I bought hair extensions and booked a hair & makeup artist.
  5. I picked out a post show restaurant!
  6. I have a post show plan and will be reverse dieting with the assistance of my coach.
  7. I have my competition heels and bikini (you saw a sneak peak in the update photos above).

I cannot wait to share my stage photos with you all! Stay tuned!


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