High Fat Diet: phase one.

It’s been almost 4 months since my first NPC Bikini show and it is safe to say I have been indulging a bit too frequently.

While I haven’t regretted one bite, I am ready to get my booty back on track.

I didn’t follow my reverse diet post show, however the mental break from tracking was 100% needed. My mental health comes first and when bad habits post show began creeping in, I knew it was time to cut the cord on tracking for a while. However, now I feel ready to get back in the game.

I am roughly 11-13lbs above stage weight, which is a bit higher than I would like to be. With constant travel, I’ve found getting into a routine difficult – though my eating has been pure garbage.

I really like pizza, okay.
I really like pizza, okay.

Excuses aside, I would really like to get my weight down a few pounds.

I’ve been toying with the idea of transitioning into a high fat diet for quite some time now. Unlike most, I prefer eating fats before my workouts. I feel more energized and increased strength.

Throughout the day, I have noticed I feel more satisfied from my meals when they are higher in fat. I’ve also noticed, I crave fewer carbs because I am eating few carbs. Carbs tend to give me short bursts of energy and then shortly after, I will feel hungry again. Paying attention to how food impacts your body and mood is important.

Although I knew I wanted to do a high fat diet, I have always been intimidated to switch because whenever you cut, fats tend to drop so low. You rarely see girls cutting on high fat diets. However, I came across Mary Jo’s Instagram (Josandifit): https://josandifit.wordpress.com/ – she is following a high fat diet and is very successful with it. She’s lost 9+ pounds!

After reading her blog, I knew that I could make this jump successfully. I reached out to her and one tip she gave me was to transition slowly.

So, after a week of trial and error, I have set my macros at 1,900 calories: 166 carbs, 74 fat, and 143 protein.

Each week, I plan on adjusting my macros to slightly increase my fats.

I am keeping my calories higher because I am doing CrossFit. I want to ensure I am eating enough to fuel my workouts and keep my strength up.

I do have intentions to lose some weight in the next few months….very, very slowly. With that being said, I will work to stay in a daily deficit of 300-500 calories. This will allow me to lose roughly 3/4 a pound a week. Hopefully! (I am currently also training for a 5K in October, so the added cardio should make reaching my deficit pretty easy).

I am using my Microsoft Band to keep track of my daily burn – although no trackers are 100% precise to the exact calorie, it will give me a rough estimate of where I am at each day.

By keeping my calories higher, I plan to continue eating out and enjoying new restaurants. So macros will often be estimated. I want this cut to be extremely slow and hard to notice in fatigue and hangriness levels.

Torchy's Tacos
Torchy’s Tacos

Some may be wondering why I want to lose weight, but after almost 4 months of eating poorly, I feel a bit blah. I don’t want to cut much, just enough to feel better about where I am at. I never intended to gain this much weight after my show. Not that it has all been bad, however it is a personal choice.

Although I have set macros, they are not strict. My goal is to be in a 300-500 calories deficit and if that means I need to eat a little less or a little more I will. It will definitely be an experiment everyday. I look forward to sharing my weekly progress with you all.

For more info and to get a better idea of a high fat diet and the results it can provide, check out Mary Jo’s blog!

Look out every Monday for an update on my progress! I will be tracking my intake, outtake and weight!

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