The Scale: what it doesn’t measure.

This morning I stepped on the scale. Why? Because I was curious. I had looked in the mirror and felt great about my body. I felt strong. I felt confident.

Then, as the scale began to calibrate, I could tell it was much higher than I expected. I stepped off before it could give me a reading. How ridiculous I thought, the scale does not define me. Nor will it define how I feel about myself. So, I stepped back on to see: 143.4lbs.

I gained ALL the weight back I had lost during my 16 week bikini prep. At first, I felt like a failure. But, then I reminded myself there are many things the scale does not measure.

Here’s your reminder that you are more than the number on the scale.

The scale DOES NOT measure:

  1. Strength. It doesn’t tell me how much weight I have added to the barbell at Crossfit.
  2. Happiness. It doesn’t measure how many times you laughed today or how long you smiled.
  3. Beauty. It can’t tell me how confident I feel in my jeans or when I dress up for a night on the town with my boyfriend.
  4. Work ethic. It can’t measure how hard I am working each day whether in the gym or at my profession.
  5. Worth. It doesn’t tell me how much I matter to my family and friends. It can’t tell me how much I am cared for or how much I care for others.
  6. Love. It does not define the love I feel for myself, my family, friends, boyfriend or passions.

The scale doesn’t measure who you are and what you will become. It is simply a number. Do not let it beat you down. Do not let it define your value.

You are more than the number it shows.

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