Fifteen Fitness Tips for Traveling

I don’t know about you, but December is typically full of travel. Travel + holidays can equal one big disaster for your fitness and/or diet goals. 

*NEWS FLASH* this doesn’t have to be you!!!

If you’re traveling this holiday season, it is possible to find balance. You can enjoy events and still make your goals a priority. Whether you need to keep your diet in check or your workout routine moving, I have tips for you!

Check them out:

1. Hydration: Staying hydrated is not only good for your overall health, but also your diet. Dehydration can cause your body to receive mixed signals. Instead of feeling thirst, you may feel hunger even though you’re not. If you’re surrounded by holiday goodies, this could lead to a diet disaster. Stay hydrated by ensuring you always travel with a water bottle. I like to travel with a Blender Bottle because it serves for three purposes; water, protein shaker and vitamin carrier. 

2. Travel Meal Bag: If you’re a little more dedicated than the average fitness goer, you may want to look into a travel meal bag. These allow you to transport your own prepped meals with you anywhere you go! If you’re travelling for just the day, this bag below is perfect! It also is great for business travel. 

If you’ve got a lot of holiday events, perhaps you don’t want to indulge at every outing. And, that is okay. We all have our own goals. Not everyone will understand or agree. But, if bringing your own meals will keep you on track – more power to you!

3. Tide Travel Sport Sink Packets: These are a life changer! No one wants to travel and have their suitcase wreaking of sweaty workout gear. Also, if you don’t have room to pack multiple outfits, these ensure you have clean workout gear every day. Simply wash your dirty gear in the sink with one of these packets, hang them to dry and re-wear the very next day!

4. Sneakers: This may seem like a no brainer, but I know people who don’t always travel with sneakers. Perhaps you are limited on space so the sneakers are the first to go. But, with Nike Free Flyknits, you don’t have to stress about that issue. Nike Free Flyknits take up little space because of the material they are made with. They squish down or squeeze into any remaining gaps in your suitcase. Or, because they’re so lightweight, throw them in your carry on bag!

Sneakers also make for the easiest travel workout: running! You can run practically anywhere. No excuses! 

5. Activity Tracker: Although this is not a necessity, I believe using any sort of activity tracker is just the motivation you need to hold yourself accountable. Whether it is ensuring you hit your step goal, burn enough calories during your morning jog or simply is the reminder you need to not blow your diet on an over stuffed dessert plate. 

6. Headphones: I never leave the house without headphones. And, if you’re aiming to workout over the holidays, you may not want to either. Having headphones always keeps me motivated during my workout. So, sneakers + headphones…that’s really all you need! Oh, and the FitDeck (#8).

7. Local Facilities: Before traveling, check out the area you’ll be in. If you’re staying at a hotel, find out if there are any fitness facilities in walking distance (even better if the hotel has a facility on site). Or, if you’ll have access to a car that’s even better. Gyms, especially boutique gyms are great for drop-ins – although the price isn’t always cheap, take a friend! This can be a great way to catch up with a friend while in town and still get your sweat on.

A few popular places you may check out include OrangeTheory, Soul Cycle and CorePower Yoga.

8. FitDeck: If you don’t have any access to a gym or if the weather conditions aren’t ideal for running, FitDeck is a great solution. These cards are a great way to have fun when you’re limited in space and equipment because all of the cards provide ONLY body-weight exercises. 


9. Healthy Snacks: No matter where I go, I always travel with a few healthy snacks. I typically aim to bring higher protein snacks such as protein bars; however, nuts, energy bars, granola, and protein powder are other great options. Whether you’re on the go or surrounded by mainly holiday goodies, having a few healthy items at your reach may be the difference between munching on cookies all day or just for dessert. I find if I can manage to munch on healthier snacks in between holiday meals, not only do I stay fuller but I feel a little better about myself. Then, I can indulge in dessert at the end of the day guilt free.

I love traveling with MusclePharm Combat Crunch bars because not only are they tasty, but they are both high in protein AND fiber! Fiber is easily neglected during travel, so these are perfect. 


Perhaps running isn’t your thing. I get it. I’m not much of a runner either, especially in the cold of winter. So below, I’ve included a few fitness items you can easily travel with. 

10. Gravity Core Sliders:

11. Yoga Mat: Before travelling with a yoga mat, I always check the hotel I am staying at first. Many offer complimentary yoga mats. However, purchase a strap for your mat and you can easily carry this bad boy on the place with you. 

12. Loop Bands: 

13. TRX Straps:

14. Jump-rope:

15. Resistance Band Set:

Do you also travel often? If so, comment below some tips you follow to stay on track during the holidays!

The most important thing to remember while travelling this holiday season is to enjoy the time you have with friends and family! If you miss a workout or week of workouts OR if you totally blow your diet, it isn’t the end of the world. Get back on track when you return home and you’ll be just fine! A missed workout isn’t worth sweating over if you had a blast laughing over a glass of wine with your mom. The gym and your protein powder isn’t going anywhere! But, time with friends and family may be limited! Cherish it!



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