How to Calculate the Nutrition of any Recipe

Okay, so you’ve been meal prepping now for a few weeks but you’re ready to take it up a notch. Perhaps you want to start counting your calories to ensure you’re eating enough or not too much. Or, perhaps you’re curious if the ‘healthy’ recipe you snagged from Pinterest is actually ‘healthy.’

It’s easy to count calories when it comes to pre-packaged meals or snacks. But, how to you track the calories in a recipe? Let me walk you through it!

First, you’ll need to sign up for MyFitnessPal.

Great! Once you’ve done that, feel free to add me: lauraelizzzzabeth – my nutrition diary is public so you can see my recipes, what I eat in a day and more!

Each week, I meal prep a few items so I have options. Since I load all the recipes into my MyFitnessPal account, I can easily piece together my day. I can pick and choose each day which meals sound good and stay within my caloric limit.

For the purpose of this step-by-step guide, I will be using the recipe for my Pancake Bacon Bake:

1. Once you open the MyFitnessPal app and login, the home screen will appear. Click ‘More.’

2. Click ‘ Meals, Recipes, & Foods.’

3. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a blue bar, ‘Create a Recipe.’ Click it.

4. While you can choose to import a recipe from a link. For the purpose of the guide choose, ‘Enter Ingredients Manually.’ NOTE: Even when I use a recipe from the web, I choose to enter the ingredients manually because typically the automatic option chooses the wrong brand or can completely choose the wrong item. I prefer to scan the bar-code of specific ingredients or search for them to ensure accuracey.

5. Next you can give your recipe a name and input how many servings there are per the recipe. Then click the arrow at the top right.

6. Now it’s time to import ingredients into the recipe. Click ‘Add Ingredient.’

7. Type in your first ingredient. In my case, it was Kodiak Cakes.

8. Select the item that matches the box of your ingredient. Some popular items often have green check marks meaning the nutrition information has been verified.

9. Once you select the correct item, you alter the number of servings you used of the ingredient and measurement. The serving size of Kodiak Cakes is 1/2 cup or 53 grams. I used 3 servings or 159 grams, so I chose to leave the measurement at 1/2 cup and alter the number of servings from 1 to 3. You can then click the check mark symbol in the top right corner.

10. Phew! 1 ingredient down! Luckily this recipe only has a few ingredients. However many ingredients you have, repeat steps 6 through 9 until all of been inputed.

11. Okay, so you’ve entered all the ingredients in the recipe, now what? First, I like to check the bottom bar which shows how many calories are per serving. Often, I haven’t baked the recipe or haven’t cut it into servings so if I feel it is too high I may choose to alter the servings per recipe. You can do so my clicking on the bottom bar. If it look a-okay to you, then go ahead and click the arrow in the top right corner.

12. You’re almost ready to input it into your daily diary. Last but not least, click ‘Save.’ If you know you’ll be eating it that very day, click ‘Save & Log It.’ This will allow you to track it for any of your meals that day.

13. If you go back to the ‘Meals, Recipes & Foods’ section – you can click on your recipe to see the full nutrtion label!

That’s it! Easy right?
If you still have questions after my step-by-step guide, comment below and I will help you master MyFitnessPal and the recipe creation section!

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