Review: Quest Cereal Bars

Quest Nutrition was kind enough to send me a sample of all three of their new Quest Cereal Protein Bar Flavors.

I began using Quest products at the beginning of my fitness journey. I was literally obsessed with their bars. However, over time I grew weary of them because of the aftertaste their new formula gave me. Although I occasionally use their protein powders (I just really haven’t been drinking or baking with protein since my show prep) and I love their protein chips, I stopped purchasing their bars. However, after seeing so many rave reviews of their cereal bars, I wanted to give Quest another shot at winning me over.

The three cereal protein bar flavors include Chocolate, Waffle and Cinnamon Roll.

Chocolate: I was most excited to try this flavor because duh, chocolate. Before trying it, I had an Oreo in my mind of how it would taste and I imagined the texture to be crunchy like the first bite of cereal before the milk makes it soggy. The flavor is chocolate, but it isn’t like a milk chocolate – think Cocoa Puffs but unsweetened cocoa (meh) with a Toaster Strudel icing. It’s okay. The texture is actually a bit chewier than I expected – think Quaker Oats Chewy Granola Bar. I would have preferred a bit more crunch, but hey, that’s preference! Nothing bad there. Overall, I have positive thoughts on this bar. However, I would not buy this flavor because I did not care for the aftertaste – I think some improvements could be made here. Perhaps it’s the cause of an ingredient? I am not sure.

Waffle: Everyone I talked to said that this flavor was their favorite, so I had high expectations. This flavor tasted the most like cereal. Honestly, it reminded me of a rice crispy treat. This flavor still had a minor aftertaste, but not nearly as bad as the chocolate. I really enjoyed this flavor, but it wasn’t my favorite surprisingly!

Cinnamon Roll: In my opinion, if you want to give these bars a try – try this flavor! I don’t know what I would compare the flavor of this bar to. I think I liked it most because the cinnamon balanced out the sweetness of the drizzle on all the bars. The aftertaste was the least noticeable on this bar. So that’s a huge plus for me. I would buy this flavor most definitely if it wasn’t for the price.

Honestly, the aftertaste of the Cinnamon Roll and Waffle could be compared to any protein bar. (Let’s be honest MOST protein products have some sort of aftertaste). So not a negative.

Here is why I won’t be buying these:

1. The price. For $26.99 you get 15 bars – but still have shipping of $4.95 (if you buy them from – that’s roughly $2.00 a bar when you break it down – standard for a protein bar, sure! For a cereal bar, that’s a bit pricey – I would expect them to cost 1/2 the price of FULL protein bars. If I were to purchase them, it would most definitely have to be on sale – that is still stretching it. Even Lenny and Larry cuts the prize of the 2oz cookies from the 4oz…I think it is a similar concept here for Quest. I’d love to include the Cinnamon Roll Cereal Bars into my diet but with that price tag, I just cannot justify it.

Let me put something into perspective for you – Quaker Oats Chocolate Chip Chewy Granola Bars are only 100 calories, sure they have way less fiber and less protein (only 1 g). But, you can purchase a box of 24 for $5.19 at Target. That’s 22 cents a bar compared to $2.00.

If budget is not an issue for you than I say go ahead and give these bars a try – but definitely go for Cinnamon Roll or Waffle! If budget is a concern, perhaps wonder over to a local nutrition shop to purchase one bar before going all in. Decide for yourself which flavor you want to buy!

For only 110 calories, 7g fiber and 12g of protein – it can be a great on the go snack! Note, this is not a meal replacement bar – I would not recommend eating just this for breakfast.

Have you tried these bars? Comment below your thoughts!

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