10 Grab ‘n Go Snacks I Love

I am always hungry. And, I mean ALWAYS. So, it is imperative that I keep a snack on hand at all times. But, when you’re out and about, it isn’t usually convenient or appropriate to pull out a full meal in a Tupperware container.

I’ve created a list of my top 10 grab ‘n go snacks – all of which can be found on Amazon *click the snack title to find them on Amazon* or at your local grocery store! These snacks will take care of your saltiest and sweetest cravings!

Pure Protein Bars

These are my absolute go-to. They have a ton of flavor choices, but the chocolate peanut caramel is the best. The best part about these bars is their price compared to other trendy protein bars. On Amazon, you can get them for less than 75 cents a bar! What a steal! Or, if you snag them at Target and use your RedCard – you save 5%! Note: you don’t have to get the credit card version of the Target RedCard – I have a RedCard that pulls directly from my bank account. This way I don’t ruin my budget and I still save 5%.


I love SquareBars – another price deal! Often, I find these at Sprouts for just 99 cents! Seriously. I am not about paying $3 for a bar. These bars are great tasting and gluten free; vegan too, if that is your thing! Read up about their ingredients here. My favorite flavors are the chocolate coated peanut butter or the chocolate coated coconut

Enlightened Broad Beans Crisps

Most everyone knows how obsessed I am with Eat Enlightened’s ice cream, but they also make snacks. Broad bean crisps. They are snack packs of just 100 calories. They make sweet and savory flavors. My go to is the sea salt. If I am craving chips, these are my go to.

Emerald 100 Calorie Packs

For my salty friends out there, these are the best! Nuts are a tough snack because while they are extremely good for you, the calories add up quickly. What is nice about these snack packs is that they are already portioned out for you. I love the cashews or cocoa dusted almonds. YUM!

Fiber One Bars

I love fiber one bars! They have so many flavors and for just 90 calories, it is a guilt free dessert for anyone with a sweet tooth! The brownie favor is a classic and it’s a great way to get some extra fiber in your system. Women need 20-25g a day!

Planters Nut+trition Nut Mix Packs

Salty & sweet. You can’t go wrong here. They have 23 flavors, but if you want my recommendation, get the ‘chocolate nut’ mix. These are 250 calories per pack, but well worth it. 10g of protein + sustainable energy from the nuts. It is a great mid day snack or a snack to have on hand at a long meeting or a busy day of errands.

Babybel Cheese

Throw a few of these in a ziploc bag with a few slices of deli ham and you’ve got a high protein & low calorie snack. This is an easy snack to eat on the go. You can even find Babybel cheese wheels at Costco – buy them in bulk to save some money.

Lenny Larry Cookies

These are known as protein cookies, but the reality is the protein content isn’t that high. But, who doesn’t love cookies. They are easy to tote around and are vegan free and dairy free! They make 2oz cookies and 4oz. But, the bigger the better! Am I right? I am. Plus, the 4oz cookies have more flavor options.

Rice Cakes

Rice cakes are addicting. Especially the caramel or chocolate flavors. Top them with any flavor of nut butter and you have yourself the perfect snack – just stick them in a ziploc bag. I take them with me as pre-workout snacks. I top mine with Nutella & a squirt of fat free redi whip (only if I am eating it as I go out the door)! You can’t really carry around fat free redi whip.

Curate Bars

I tried these bars after sampling them after the Turkey Trot race here in Denver, CO. I was a bit hesitant after reading the ingredients on the front – quinoa…I mean I don’t like quinoa and balsamic, I hate balsamic. But, I actually LOVED these. And the ‘Dark & Tempting, Balsamic Fig & Hazelnut’ ended up being my favorite; tasted like a fig newton. Another great buy you can get at Target or Amazon. These are also gluten free and they come in 6 delicious flavors.


Have you tried any of the below snacks? If so, what did you think?

What are your favorite on the go snacks? Let me know below!

One thought on “10 Grab ‘n Go Snacks I Love

  1. This is great info. Leading busy lives AND earting healthy always seems to be a challenge. I am excited.to try out these snacks and keep them on hand.


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