How to Choose a Realtor: Q&A w/ Eli Schmidt

Realtor Eli Schmidt - Madison & Company Properties
Realtor Eli Schmidt – Madison & Company Properties

Ever since Brett (my fiance) and I announced we were in contract to buy a new build, we’ve received so many questions and comments. While home buying doesn’t necessarily meet the criteria of my blog’s main focus, I know many of my followers on social media may be about to start the same process. I thought it would be fun to post a series of blogs regarding the process: Q&As w/ our realtor, pros and cons of buying a new build, the reality of a new build sticker price, etc.

Of course, if you have any topics you’d like to hear about, comment below. I am more than happy to be open and honest about the process, so feel to ask any questions!

Brett and I worked with a top notch realtor in the Denver area, Eli Schmidt with Madison & Company Properties. Eli was recommended to us by a friend and he helped Brett and I find our first home.

What did I like about Eli? His communication skills were amazing. He was quick to respond and was always checking in on us, even when we thought we weren’t ready to start house tours. He always made sure we had what we needed. He explained the entire process in terms we could understand. He was honest and gave us his opinion when asked. I loved this because he knows the market, he knows the area and he’s seen thousands of houses. He would let us know when houses were priced right and made sure we went in with our best offers. Not only did he have great communication skills, but he was knowledgeable, connected and a great listener. He put us in touch with a lender who could help us specifically with our needs. He always listened when we changed our minds on what we wanted in terms of neighborhoods and styles. He wanted to make sure we were 100% satisfied at all times. And, you know what? We were. Eli was also extremely available – don’t underestimate the importance of this. He met us often; whether it was during weekdays, weeknights or on weekends. He made time to ensure we saw houses quick as they often disappeared within a day or two of being listed! These are all great things to look for!

While I wish all of you could use Eli, many of you may not be in the Denver area. So, I reached out to Eli to answer a few questions for you! Buying your first home is scary and a daunting task! So it is important to have a great realtor to help you with the process to ensure you don’t miss anything!

Below, Eli offers insight on how to choose a realtor!

1.     How do you recommend finding a realtor?


I always think the best way is by a referral. Especially now with social media, it’s so easy to put a post on Facebook saying that you’re looking for an agent. You’ll get messages from at least 3 people you know who have a good referral for you.

2.     If you don’t know a realtor or if no one can recommend one, how should you verify they are good/trustworthy?

If you don’t know any or can’t get a referral, Google your local city and “Realtor” and start looking at reviews. Contact 3 of them, set up appointments, and interview them.

3.     What are 5 things you should look for in a realtor?

The top 5 traits to look for in a realtor in my opinion are

1.     Energy/Passion

2.     Excellent Communicator

3.     Good People Skills

4.     Real Estate Knowledge

5.     Experience

Passion is #1 because when someone is passionate about what they do, I believe they will perform better than someone with just experience and no passion. Good people skills are also very important because, in real estate, realtors generally want to work with other realtors they know, like, and trust. It really does help improve an offer when you know the agent on the other end and they are pleasant to work with. General real estate knowledge and experience are last on the list because these can both be taught. Energy and a positive attitude aren’t so easy to acquire.

4.       Are there any red flags to look for?

Poor communication is always a red flag for me with anyone I’m thinking of doing business with. I would say if they aren’t responsive or pleasant to deal with in the first few conversations or after your first meeting, look somewhere else. You’re going to be spending a lot of time with this person and it’s important that you trust and like them.

5. Is there a credible site to check reviews/info about realtors?

Zillow, Google, and their Facebook page are good places for reviews. Not all agents are on all platforms so it’s good to look at a few.


6.     What questions should I ask them before moving forward?

Definitely ask about their experience and background. Although that’s not everything, it’s still good to know what their background is in the industry and what experience they may or may not have. Also ask about any and all fees.

7.     Is it appropriate to have initial meetings with more than one realtor?

Unless they are a direct referral, I always encourage clients to talk to two agents. You really want a person that you not only trust and is experienced, but that you get a good feeling from as well.

8.     How much does the realtor need to specialize in the community/communities you are interested in?

Nowadays I think it’s different. Specializations used to really help in the past, but with the amount of data available to all agents, I think it makes things a little easier for everyone to have access to the same information.

Still have questions? Comment below and I will reach out to Eli and get back to you!

Live in Denver and want to connect with Eli? Click on the contact me page and I will connect you with him!

Or locate him here: Madison & Company Properties


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