On-The-Go Gym Bag Essentials

Most days I wake up before the crack of dawn to workout, but often I find myself squeezing a gym session in where I can. But, typically that means I am coming from work, an event or have somewhere to be soon after. Toting around a gym bag, lunch sack with multiple meals and my work backpack is a lot. So what do I do? I keep a bag within my gym bag with some awesome on-the-go essentials!

Hint: Travel size items!

If your gym bag is already full of clothes, bands, gloves, jump ropes and more than you don’t have space for a full bottle of shampoo, conditioner, face wash and more.

Here are some my favorite on-the-go travel size items I tote around in my gym bag:

1. Travel Pouches: For $24.99, you get 3 sizes. Choose which one suits your needs best! I like to keep my on-the-go essentials in a clear bag like this for multiple reasons. First, it keeps your bag a bit more organized. You can easily find the items among the clutter of your gym gear. Secondly, it prevents leakage and spillage on to items such as your clothes.

2. Simple Facial Wipes: I use these to clean makeup off my face prior to an intense gym session when I know I will be sweating a lot – I prefer not to clog my pores with excess product and these wipes are quick and effortless. I also will use them post-workout as well! Again, they are great for removing makeup and/or dirt from the surface of the skin.

3. Clean & Clear Morning Burst Oil Free Facial Scrub: If I am heading anywhere post gym, I typically like to wash my face with this instead of just a facial wipe! It will not only clean your skin, leaving it feeling energized and refreshed after a sweaty workout, but the little beads help exfoliate your skin as well! If I am going to even consider re-applying makeup, I want to ensure I have removed all signs of dirt and sweat in my pores.This Clean & Clear facial scrub is also available in travel size!

4. Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer: If you’re like me and sit in the sauna post workout, most likely your skin is dried out. It’s always a good idea to moisturize after you clean your skin. This pairs great with the morning burst facial scrub! And, I prefer not to use the moisturizer at the gym to avoid any type of irregular reaction.

5. Not Your Mother’s Hair Products: If you’re in a rush, you probably don’t have time to shampoo, condition and blow dry your hair. So to save some time, I use Not Your Mother’s products, specifically dry shampoo, leave-in conditioner and beach babe soft waves. You can find travel size versions of these are your local Target.

6. Hairbrush: Might not be necessary if you’re just arriving to the gym, but post gym it is essential to untangle your sweaty mop top! If you don’t ahve much space, the mini brush fits perfectly in the travel bag!

7. Deodorant: I should’ve put this at the top! No one likes to be on a treadmill next to a smelly gym goer; same goes for arriving to happy hour post sweat session! I think this is pretty self explanatory! I’m guilty of leaving the house without putting it on, thank goodness my on-the-go gym bag comes in clutch!

8. Q-Tips: I don’t know about you, but I hate when my ears are full of water or sweat! I keep these on hand at all times. They work great too if you get mascara all over your eyes from rushing to put eye makeup back on. The handy travel size fits perfectly in your travel tote!

9. Hair Ties: This should be a no-brainer! I mean, how many times do you get to the gym and realize you don’t have a hair tie! Who wants to run sprints or do deadlifts with long hair going all over the place! 

10. BB Cream: This is a great product if you’re rushing to happy hour or coffee after your workout. Skip the moisturizer and apply this after you’ve washed your face. BB Cream is a tinted moisturizer and provides minimal coverage. You’ll look fresh and casual!

What products do you keep in your gym bag? I’d love to know if there is something I should also be carrying around 🙂

Comment below!



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