Furry Flats from Target

Happy Thursday friends! I’ve got another Target find to share with you all. If you can’t tell, Target is my obsession. I don’t just grocery shop there. I buy clothes, home decor and more! Recently, while shopping, I came across these cute and comfortable furry flats for just $24.99! These are the perfect chic but cozy addition to all of our closets!

They come in nude/pink color too:

If these shoes looks familiar, it is because Gucci came out with a similar flat for $680.

A little out of my price range if you’re wondering. But, a ton of other brands have been releasing dupes. Most don’t have the fur like the ones I show above. Target even has a pair without fur. Almost identical to the Gucci shoes, except Target’s cost $22.99!

Both are a great buy if you ask me! But, I love the softness of the fur and how they almost feel like slippers! The fur adds a little flair and pairs great with black pants, leggings, jeans and more! Just check out how all these cute ladies are styling their furry flats!

If you need a pair to jazz up your holiday work attire, the flats without fur come in silver and frankly I might have to go snag them before they sell out.

What’s your verdict? Do you love the fur or would you snag the Gucci dupes without the fur?

Comment below and let me know what you think!



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