Rise and Shine: how to be a morning gym goer.

A lot of people think I’m crazy. I wake up before dawn to do something many people struggle doing at all during a day. How? Why? These are all questions I’m constantly being asked.

Since I can remember, I have been an early bird. From waking up as a young child to go to swim practice to being the first to rise on Christmas morning. My internal alarm clock frankly doesn’t like to snooze past 8:00 a.m (and even that’s rare). But, this doesn’t mean waking up is always easy. But, with a few tricks, it can be a little more manageable.

1. Determine your why.

Why. Why do you want to work out in the morning? What are your goals? For me, I like to wake up and start my day with something that always puts my in a positive mindset. Exercise provides me with the endorphin I need to have a better day. I feel accomplished before I even get my day started. This also means once I finish a long day at the office I can typically just come home and relax. Or, if I have an event to go to, I do not have to worry about skipping the gym because it is already done!

I also prefer the less crowded gym – the gym is quieter at 5:00 a.m. as opposed to 4:00 p.m. I don’t have to wait for machines in the morning. I can be in and out.

Learn the how:

2. Prepare the night before.

Make a pre-workout snack and drink. Have them ready to grab as soon as you wake up.

Have a cold water bottle or glass also made. Drinking a full glass of water will hydrate your body and wake it up!

Set out your gym clothes and bag. Or, better yet, wear them to bed!

3. Know the game plan.

If you don’t know what your workout is or what class you’re going to is, chances are you will skip. Pick out the class you want to attend, and at what time. Or, have your workout planned out so you can go in and conquer without wasting time.

4. Don’t snooze.

Snoozing won’t make you feel more rested. Chances are you might keep snoozing. Set one alarm and just get up. Turn a light on if you need to.

5. Find an accountability partner.

Signing up for a class that charges if you skip might be useful if you really struggle making it to the gym. Or, find a friend who also goes to the gym at the same time. Make gym dates or text each other for accountability.

6. Go to bed early.

It’s important to still get 6-8 hours of sleep. If you’re setting your alarm for 5:00 a.m. plan to be headed or in bed by 9:00 p.m. if possible. Your body will thank you.

Now go get ’em tiger!

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