Starbucks Copycat Turkey Bacon Egg White Sandwiches

Monday mornings are never easy but ever since I started meal prepping, I have noticed that my week starts off a little less chaotic. Instead of rushing around trying to cooks eggs or blend a smoothie, I have a few extra minutes to spend getting ready or sitting down to enjoy a cup of coffee.

It’s important for my lifestyle to have a healthy breakfast option that I can eat on the go.

I’ve never been a fan of veggie omelets – healthy, but not ideal for eating on the go. And, since competing in an NPC Bikini competition I have stopped drinking protein shakes – convenient but not filling.

However, earlier this summer, while in Kansas City, I tried the Starbucks Reduced Fat Turkey Bacon Egg White Sandwich (healthy and perfect for eating on the go) and was hooked. So, I decided to recreate the sandwich. Luckily my recreation of the Starbucks sandwich is not only easy to make, it’s delicious!

I love that my homemade copycat sandwich is much cheaper than stopping at Starbucks every morning and way more convenient than sitting in the drive-thru for lord knows how long especially on a Monday morning. I can pack it in my lunch bag with the rest of my meals and run out the door. It’s easy to eat on the go and is not only full of flavor but fully customizable to my taste buds!

Here is what you need, ingredients:

  • Egg Whites
  • Turkey Bacon
  • Cheese (This week I used Kraft Singles Pepperjack Cheese, but to reduce calories, choose fat free cheese which typically is 25 calories a slice)
  • Light English Muffins
  • Aluminum Foil & Paper Towels (thanks for this tip Sierra)

Directions to make 5:

  • Rip off 5 pieces of aluminum foil and paper towels. These will be used to wrap the sandwich for refrigerating throughout the week.
  • Cut open 5 English muffins and place them on top of the paper towel. I choose not to toast my English muffins however, toast them now if you wish.
  • Place 1 slice of cheese on one side of the muffin.
  • Cook 10 slices of turkey bacon on medium heat on the stove top.
  • Using a small pan, cook 5 egg white rounds. If you have an egg ring, that would work perfectly.
    • I let the small pan heat up – medium.
    • Spray pam into skillet.
    • Pour egg whites into pan – about enough to span the width of the pan. If you make the egg white round too large, you’ll need to fold it over on the sandwich. No big deal.
    • Season with salt and pepper to liking. Flip.
    • After cooked, remove from pan and place on sandwich.
    • Repeat for all 5 rounds.
  • After the turkey bacon has cooked and cooled, tear each slice in half and place on sandwich. 2 slices per sandwich.
  • Close sandwich and wrap completely in paper towel and aluminum foil for storage in the refrigerator.

Open foil and paper to eat on the go:Let me know if you give this recipe a try! It’s quick and easy to make.

Tip: cook your turkey bacon in the morning when you’re fixing Sunday breakfast!

Don’t be afraid to get creative too and try different flavors of cheese like American, Swiss or more!

The macros and calories for the sandwich created in this post are:




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