Holiday Health & Fitness Gift Guide

Christmas is right around the corner! And if you’re like me you save all of your shopping for the last minute! Luckily for you, I teamed up with my girlfriend, Sierra (personal trainer & freelance makeup artist – info below) for the ultimate health and fitness gift guide!

Check out our Top 30 Gifts below:

  1. Air Fryer: Who doesn’t love the taste of crispy “fried” food, except with an air fryer you can get that same taste without the added fat/oil! You can literally cook everything from veggies to meats in this!
  2. Reebok Womens Hayasu Shoes: These have only been in my closet for 2 weeks, but I have worn them every single day. They are great for cross training, weight lifting and light cardio! At this price point, you cannot go wrong!
  3. Oster Single Serve Blender: Protein shakes are my go to whenever I have a sweet tooth! Sometimes a single serve blender is much easier to clean, store and utilize than a large blender (another bonus, this is easy to travel with!)
  4. Fit & Fresh Jaxx FitPak Meal Prep Bag: Meal prep for me is crucial to staying on track throughout the week! Especially if you are like me and you’re on the go, all the time! I can easily pack my meals in this small bag and take my snacks and meals with me!
  5. 90 Degree By Reflex Four Way Stretch 22″ Capri Leggings: My ALL TIME favorite reasonably priced leggings, they “compress” you in all the right places, have tons of colors and are under $20! Hurry, order all the colors, your rear will thank ya!
  6. Adidas Originals Men’s California Tee: I am one who really loves Adidas, but I also love standing out a bit. This Adidas tee is a men’s, but I would order a small for a loser fitting t-shirt for yourself, your sister or bestie. The California tee is just slight different than the traditional Adidas logo tee which is why I LOVE IT!
  7. Jadyn B 19″ Barrel Women’s Duffel Bag: A gym bag is a must. You can keep all your gym accessories, dry shampoo, extra shoes, socks and your supplements/shaker bottle all packed together. This Jaydn B duffel is my favorite for the price! Under $20!!
  8. Fitbit Blaze: An activity tracker is a must have for someone who is wanting to keep a close watch on their activity level, sleep or steps! I love my Fitbit blaze because I can see heartrate, customize what type of workout I am doing, track my sleep, set alarms and use the “stopwatch” feature when training my clients! You can opt for the blaze, or a cheaper version like the regular Fitbit
  9. Silicone Rings: Silicone wedding rings! I was totally against these for a while but if you’re married, and want to wear your “ring” to the gym, this is a must have. I have scratched my beautiful rings up weightlifting in the past and I can promise you, its not worth it! Your wife/hubby would love these!
  10. Giantex Home Gym 3 Pcs Vinyl Kettlebell Kit: A kettlebell set is great to have in home, you can do so many varieties of workouts with kettlebells! I utilize mine weekly in home! The options here are endless! Swings anyone?!
  11. Exercise Resistance Loop Bands: Another in home “gym” must have are bands, you can get a full sweat sesh on with just bands! These are affordable and have a variety of resistance, again…Your rear will thank you
  12. Exercise Mat: For the yogi in your life, and also for anyone who again…works out at home a lot. A mat is good for yoga, stretching, meditating or any ground core work!
  13. Lil Buff: If you have a sweet tooth, and are mindful of what you eat…then look no further. Lil buff protein cakes are so macro friendly, tons of flavors to choose from and excellent customer service. Who doesn’t love supporting a small business too?! You can use code “FITFAM” for 15% off your order too!!!
  14. Coffee Over Cardio: Last but certainly not least, CAFFIENE because without it….I cannot even make it to the gym. This company I found has the cutest dang coffee and apparel! Who doesn’t want to order coffee that is called “Saturdaze” (chocolate donut) “messy bun” (cinnamon bun) and many more! The coffee / gym lover will appreciate this special attention to detail! Use code “ROSEFIT10” for a discount on all orders!
  15. Aaptiv Yearly Membership: Aaptiv is an on demand fitness app. From your smartphone, you can easily choose a workout such as running, yoga, cardio and more! The coaches motivate you to push harder and get an awesome sweat in! It’s a great app if you need someone else to do the thinking for you! (unsure, try Aaptiv for 1-month FREE and decide for yourself)
  16. Blender Bottle Monthly Subscription Club: Okay. I became obsessed with this when I saw the “Turkey” November Blender Bottle. My fiancé and I are always breaking or losing our Blender Bottle so receiving one every month is perfect for us!
  17. TRX Straps: TRX Straps are a great gift for the travelling or at home fitness friend! TRX Straps fit perfectly in a suit case and can be anchored to almost anything. Get a total body workout in anywhere!
  18. Outdoor Voices Leggings: I AM IN LOVE with Outdoor Voices. They are comparable to Lululemon, however their color patterns are so fun! You can order ‘kits’ to ensure your sister or girlfriend is looking stylish with a matching sports bra.
  19. Nike Metcons: These Nike shoes are perfect for your CrossFit buddy. I don’t train in anything else.
  20. OXO Good Grips Handheld Spiralizer: A gift for your health conscious friend and family member. The handheld spiralizer is a great stocking stuffer and is under $20!
  21. Beats Wireless Earbuds: This gift if perfect for your basic gym buddy! Wireless earbuds don’t get in the way and anyone will thank you for this gift! They are on the pricier side, however Beats has great customer service and you can buy the Target warranty as well! Definitely worth the price tag!
  22. Foam Roller: Any active person in your life needs this. I’ve given one of these to almost every one of my family members and it was greatly appreciated! We all need a little more recovery and foam rolling in our lives.
  23. Lululemon Starter Pack: This is perfect for your family member or friend who is lacking Lululemon in their life. Not sure which style they will like? The started pack comes with 3 swiftly tech shirt styles!
  24. Mint Jump Rope: Another great stocking stuffer. Jumping rope is good for breaking a sweat quick.
  25. Swell Water Bottle: Drink water in style with this gold Swell water bottle! They come in so many colors and perfect for your trendy fitness friend!
  26. Adidas Slides: The perfect sauna or post gym shoe!
  27. Target “Outdoor Voices” Dupe Leggings: If you’re on a budget but LOVE the Outdoor Voices leggings, try gifting these Target leggings instead!
  28. Fleo Shorts: Another great gift for your CrossFit loving friend! These shorts are lightweight and great for hot and sweaty days in the box.
  29. High Waisted Moto Leggings: Okay. Need I say more about these leggings. They are so chic and heck, I think I’d dress these up for a night out! These are perfect for your stylish athleisure wearing girlfriend!
  30. Cole Haan ZERØGRAND Waterproof Hiker Boot: The perfect gift for your outdoor active girlfriend who loves hiking! Chic and practical!

I hope you find this gift guide helpful!

Comment below what you’re gifting your health and fitness friends and family members!


Laura & Sierra

To contact Sierra about personal training email her at: 

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